Defence Committee – Fourth Report The Armed Forces Covenant in Action Part 5: Military Casualties, a review of progress

Date: December 18, 2014
Author: Brett Squires


House of commons


This is a report from the Defence committee on mental health in the Armed Forces.

Here are a few quotes from that report dated 30th October 2014.

  • We also question whether the MoD has examined whether excess alcohol consumption may, in some Service personnel, be masking other mental health problems.
  •  The MoD should determine a comprehensive strategy and plan to tackle alcohol misuse, identifying how it intends to change the culture within the Armed Forces and identifying practical measures to reduce consumption including, if necessary, reviewing pricing policies and availability of alcohol on bases.
  •   We are disappointed that the MoD has taken so long to act on the recommendation in our December 2011 Report to review the support it offers families. Families need improved support, in particular, the families of reservists who find it harder to identify sources of support than regulars.

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