Binaural audio of our Lads in North Liverpool

Last week the current Lads from the ‘ Tagging Communities’ project met with their lead artists Paul McCann and Ross Dalziel to explore the various audio recording techniques for capturing sounds and stories of North Liverpool. As the group are focusing on audio footage of Anfield and Everton for their section of the forthcoming free digital heritageĀ APP, the group want to make sure they capture all possible types of sounds to keep the public tuned in.

Alan, Joe, Victor, Norman and Neil all experienced 360 Degree soundscapes known as Binaural audio – literally sounds coming at you from all angles. For the lads with Visual Impairments its really important that the work made feels accessible and engaging for everyone so this type of sound recording was a winner and definitely one we will be using for the APP and accompanying CD for Blind Veterans UK members.