"I'm skint"

"I'm getting in debt"

"I cant afford to pay the bills"

"I need help now"

"Where can I get help with money?"

"I can't afford shopping"

"How do I budget?"

"My bills are adding up"



Has your cash situation got on top of you? Sometimes things don’t go to plan and you can find yourself in a financial crisis situation, needing urgent help – who do you talk to and what’s next?

Whether you’re finding it difficult to budget your money, you’re juggling credit cards and debt, or you’re just not sure what benefits you’re entitled to – help is out there!

Liverpool Veterans HQ says:

If you find yourself in this situation you should come to HQ! We can offer direct help, for example through our food bank and can also direct you to organisations who can help, for example:

  • Liverpool Council offer an Urgent Need Award through their Citizens Support Scheme. The scheme helps those who have suffered a crisis and need urgent support with food and essentials for children. You can apply Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm by calling Freephone 0800 456 1523 or 0151 233 3053. More info.
  • The Royal British Legion can help with unexpected expenses through their Immediate Needs Grants Scheme




Debt can creep up on you when you least expect it, whether you’ve not been able to stick to a budget or you have an unexpected bill, debt can be a stressful thing to deal with – so how do you conquer the debt spiral?

Liverpool Veterans HQ says:

If you’re worried about debts come in and see us! We can point you to some really useful services including:



In service everything is automatically paid for directly from your wages, not the case in civvy street! How do you plan ahead and budget your costs according to your income?

Liverpool Veterans HQ says:

If you’re finding it difficult to budget your money, or don’t know where to start, call into HQ and we can help you develop your own personal budget based on your income. You can also use HQ computers to access spreadsheets and online services. If you require Benefit advice you can contact Terry Craven LLB (Hons)on 0151-378-0484 alternatively email him


There are a range of really useful budgeting tools available online.

  • The Money Advice Service provides free, independent and unbiased advice via its website or phone 0300 500 5000. You can also arrange a face-to-face session by calling 0333 321 3434 or using the online form
  • MoneyForce is the home of money guidance for UK Service people. The MoneyForce website aims to assist all Service personnel, their partners, families and dependants, to be better equipped to manage their money and financial affairs.
  • If you need help with understanding which benefits you might be eligible for please call into LVP HQ where we can guide you through what’s available based on your circumstances and help you fill in all the paperwork.