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The background story

So the as yet untitled memorial project started out as a bit of a monster. We knew we wanted to do something to shine a spotlight on IMG_1139the memorials around liverpool but we weren’t sure what or which ones. First we looked at some form of cataloging effort but we soon found out we are rather densely populated with memorials for various wars. After much debate, and the workshops from the artists, we decided to concentrate on world war 1. The fact it’s the centennial year pushed this idea past the post, but it was noticed that up until a few years ago there were no monuments specific to the female efforts of any of the wars and even now there are only two I believe. To most of us this seemed somewhat remiss to say the least. As yet we haven’t finalised what our nod to these efforts Jaywill be. What we have done is come up with the concept of highlighting the 5 year period (not 4 as many think) of the war as our theme. We have chosen 5 monuments in and around the city centre and been out to video them and take various still images. We’ve collected a few things and from an aesthetic standpoint, many of the monuments speak for themselves. Most of us pass these memorials or ones like them regularly. How many of us actually look at the detail and appreciate the skill involved in creating them and what that effort represents? I’ve been guilty of passing them without a second glance myself on far more than one occasion so it’s been an interesting experience for me so far. Without giving too much away at this stage we intend to display what we’ve collected to try and give a feel of what these places were like and share a slightly different perspective to our usual on these objects. A still perspective with time to appreciate not just the monument, but who it represents, rather than a fleeting glimpse from the corner of our eye on the way to something more important.
Jay Bell

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