Turning FACT inside out

A nice introduction

A nice introduction


A visit to “Fact inside out” the first exhibit  was entitled “Ten Intentions” by Nina Edge this uses a voice recognition system to record comments about the subject matter in this case  Fame and like most  technologies out of 6 voices it recognized just one this was then posted on the web i liked the technology and that was about all.

There where six exhibits in all each focusing on audio or visual technologies so on my bike I went and rode around a number of cities listening to the Fracking Futures and voicing my opinions about Love ,Justice ,Power and Fame to Siri , I also grew a few plants and drew in the sky and you could see them for up to three miles, on my return i listened to the FACT building moaning and groaning and asked myself dose Capitalism work  the answer for me  if you have it yes, if you don’t then no

The Topics




On yer Bike




Fracking Future


Plant and Draw


Moaning and Groaning