Trip to the Imperial War Museum, London- By Alan

The Imperial War Museum – 4th January 2017 – Veterans Group Visit


Members of a veterans group based at FACT, Liverpool visited the Imperial War Museum as part of a planned visit to London and included The Cinema Museum and The Wellcome Collection to see Bedlam: The asylum and Beyond Exhibition.

The Group had previously visited the Manchester War Museum so comparisons could be made with The Imperial War Museum London.

My recollection of The Manchester Museum is that the exhibits were mostly to be seen and not touched (they were in glass cases), there was very little hardware that could be inspected at close quarters.

The Imperial War Museum in contrast has numerous artefacts on show, even with notices requesting please don’t climb or touch; close proximity makes all the difference. There are various military exhibits including guns and vehicles could be photographed. Also there were films showing all aspects of war and civilian life during WWII along with WWI Trench warfare and the effect and cost on the soldier.

A very interesting visit to London and well worth the trip.

A. Kelly (V.I.P)

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