What time is it? It’s surreal o’clock!!

The first thing to be said about this week’s workshop is how well our new man Roy coped with the craziness of the day’s itinerary. After much discussion about awkward social routines last week (which Roy was absent for) we came to a close deciding that our performance art piece was to be centered around christmas, the most wrenching one for most of us. Everyone pretending to be nice to each other, the rituals few of us really want to uphold (but we do because its tradition), the aftermath of the arguments he said she said… As discussed we set our “festive” table up, fancy KFS, xmas crackers, white table cloth mini xmas tree centre piece complete with tinsel. We donned white forensic suits, party hats and paint/water filled balloons which we popped with the knives and forks whist singing Slade’s xmas classic. This was after i had investigated the ‘case of the broken bobble’, Roy had made his angels and Paul did his jigsaw with no picture. We videoed the whole affair and whilst not as powerful as the live performance, on review we found it wasn’t without its charm. After some pretty decent feedback from those in the know we enjoyed a bite to eat in the cafe, the conversation dominated by what we’d just done. The nerves now dissipated, I can’t wait to see what next week has in store!!

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