Spectre review by JB

JB Occupation: Government Service, James Bond, 007 Licensed to Kill.

Film SPECTRE 007: Licensed to thrill and entertain.

Fact, they say is stranger than fiction. I love reading books where, whether fact or fiction, the characters are believable and I try to imagine myself in one of the characters positions. SPECTRE has a lone hero fighting the system, the bad guys, computers, a nasty criminal mastermind, information technology, with beautiful young, and not so young women, helicopter flights that I know are staged but I also know are possible.

There is an Islander plane, which in the trailer, you see flying so low down a snow filled valley its at the same height as a car on a road, again believable, trust me I know. A nasty baddy, car chases, explosions, guns, low flying helicopters and planes, gadgets, lots of puns, lots of laughs. Where did the time go as I watched the best Bond ever?


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