our alternative day out

Alternative therapies for veterans who suffer with PTSD were tried and filmed by veterans for  FACT. Which is an arty farty place  which veterans attend for digital arts. On this particular day my day began with yoga at nine o’clock at FACT.  After another sleepless night i wasn’t looking forward to yoga but at the end of the session i felt reasonably ok and ready for the day ahead.

we done some filming about our yoga experience and then went to  the dingle for acupuncture after lunch. i was a bit squeamish when when the needles went into my ears but quickly i relaxed and could have fell asleep in the cumfy surroundings which were being filmed for vip’s film about alternative therapies my stress levels dropped and i was enjoying the afternoon especially when the cakes came out after some cajun chicken provided by carol who owns the dare to care centre who passionately believes in acupuncture she answered our questions well and handled our skepticisms with composure. overall i enjoyed the day different it was and i enquired about more treatment which is free to veterans who after all do need some pampering despite your views on alternative therapies an excellent day out …8 out of 10!

All images: Stephen King