When I come to FACT I am JB, its my Nom de Plume, my Nom de Guerre, as I hope never to have my real name on a Memorial, well not for many years!


My Concise Oxford Dictionary defines Memorial firstly as:

A. An Object, Institution or Custom in memory of a person or event, such as the Albert Memorial. Another example is the Cenotaph also in London, originally meant as a temporary structure, as a monument to those buried elsewhere.

Secondly as:

B. A Statement of FACTs as the basis of a Petition, a Record, an Informal Diplomatic Paper, intending to Commemorate a Person or Thing, such as a Memorial Service.

Middle English from Old French Memorial or Latin Memorialis. Bloody Romans what did they ever do for us?

Are we all not a Memorial?

For 22 years I was a Professional Soldier, for the last 14 a Flying Soldier, hence the Cambridge Blue Beret. During my service, unless armed and on duty, I never wore Uniform in Public or attended a Memorial Service due to the Terrorist Threat. Welcome to “The War on Terror”! Some things never change, despite all the Memorials to Remind us. The Primrose backing to this Queens Lancashire Cap Badge, I was once told, came from the 1815 Battle of Waterloo. Apart from Waterloo during the Peninsular War, my parent Regiment has been at six Afghan Wars, two World Wars, fought in Crimea, my Grandfather was wounded by shrapnel at Gallipoli with the 6th Battalion of the South Lancashire Regiment fighting the Turks, etc, etc, etc. Am I a living, walking, talking Memorial? You bet yah!

Today, in the Middle East Relics, Memorials, from past civilisations are being destroyed. Even in this country there are calls for Memorials to past historical figures and events to be removed, is that any different than blowing ancient monuments up? The Greeks want their Marbles back, Argentina the Falklands, sod em.

Those that fail to Remember History are Doomed to Repeat It. For Better or Worse, Good or Evil, don’t Memorials Remind all of Our History?

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