I think its safe to say we’ve all heard about meditation and have some idea of what it entails, maybe you’ve even had a go? I have, but never have I visited a dedicated centre for meditation. Of course you can just practice at home, that’s what I’ve always done though I can now tell you from experience if you’re new to this then it’s well worth putting in the effort to locate a group local to you.

Why? First of all for me personally I find meditation more powerful, more satisfying and more encouraging when practised with others, a sense of peace permeates the room, it’s something that I can’t quite put into words, maybe if I say a feeling of intense wellbeing, yes, now I think of it that’s definitely it. For that alone it’s worth the effort. If you’ve never practiced before then forget any ideas of sitting in the lotus position! Your comfort is of upmost importance, so you’ll find an array of cushions, benches and even chairs. The centre we visited was the Liverpool Buddhist Centre in Rodney Street. The session was led by a very polite,  relaxed and experienced man known as  Buddhashanti. The room was draped with vibrant, colourful fabrics, the floor covered with bright rugs and the room was scented in a way that enhanced your experience. He led us through three fifteen minute meditations. I was really surprised by how quickly I felt relaxed and renewed, I had previously thought that a good forty minutes was the minimum requirement. The best part of visiting a centre of course is that if or when you try it at home you can visualise being back at the centre, that’s something I will be doing in the future.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! Where else can you achieve a positive sense of well being in fifteen minutes!

Bernadette O’Connor