Jimi: All Is By My Side – review by Jay

This week I came along to FACT to see the new film about Jimi Hendrix, Jimi:All is by my side. I’ve never sat on sofa in the pictures before and its just as well this was a lively film with some decent music because I think I might of dosed off otherwise. Proper comfy :)

The film picks up on Jimi just before he flys to London and his career takes off and focuses on his mainly on his time there, possible due to it being a British/Irish venture. It’s done in a kind of choppy style like a collection of real life exerts from music programmes stuck together, where he goes from woman to woman, gig to gig and here there and everywhere. but to be honest I’m a Hendrix fan and the film paints a pretty inaccurate picture of him in comparison to what I’ve seen and read. Ironically, considering its origins, there seems to be the Hollywood touch on the story of this film that portrays Hendrix as a physically abusive, manipulative and using womaniser. There is barely a hint of his harrowing childhood, time in the military or the hard times playing the clubs in America and no there’s no attempt to explain his death as the film ends before Monterey (although the latter was probably wise). It’s probably worth noting that most of the songs you’d expect to hear weren’t there either because the Hendrix estate refused the film makers the rights to them. Perhaps they weren’t too keen some of those things or on a 40 year old playing a man who died at 27? Comfy seat though :)


Jay Bell

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