The Hobbit Part 3


In my youth I read the Hobbit but gave up on The Lord of the Rings, a far more weighty volume after the one character I identified with was killed. The first cartoon version of the Lord of the Rings reawakened my interest and I looked forward to the next chapter but sadly it was was never made.

The world had to wait some years before the Lord of Rings made it to the big screen once more and I enjoyed the viewing experience.

Having seen the first Hobbit movie, I watched the second as I had some time to kill before catching a train home from London. That left one more instalment to complete the trilogy.

Was it worth it, honestly for me, not really?

I did enjoy spotting which actors were playing which Hobbit’s but I felt fatigued by the journey. There is only some many times you can see massed Orc’s killed before it gets tiresome and why don’t they just send in the Eagles first and have done with it?

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