Ghost Hunting

June 23, 10 pm, St James Cemetery

I was invited to a ghost hunt with a group called  Lionheart paranormal group. This was in St James cemetery a  place I know very well , this as a few people already know was my play ground, I was to meet the group at 10pm so as is my want I got there a little early and set up my camera’s including a Flipcam, as normal I checked the batteries where good and the camera’s were working okay and waited, the group arrived at about 10:30pm nice and dark, the only problem i had at that point was the wind, it was absolutely blowing a Gail, so the sound on the Flipcam was not going to be up to much. I joined them and proceeded with the Ghost Hunt the medium explained that there where vortexes around the place so of we went ,not much happening for me but some of the group started to feel and hear things , some one/thing blew in the ear of one of them which as you can imagine caused her to jump out of her skin,we arrived at a place, that the medium said he made contact the night before it was here that thing started to happen one of the group said there phone had just gone dead and low and behold so did the Flipcam then my camera decided to do some acrobatics and no it did not slip it was on a tripod  strange on the whole that was the sum of the excitement   for the night the footage from the Flipcam was nothing special but I got a few interesting photos

The medium

have a close look what is that coming form or going to his hand ? and the guy behind him what is covering him?

strange to say the least



and this one yes the person is moving but to the right is that someone or something , I leave it to you I will however be going back on my own and seeing if the same things happen watch this space.

Tom Hornby