Film Review: The Councelor

VIP’s Phil Roberts gives us a review of Ridley Scott’s latest, The Councelor.


“Brumm- Brumm” petrol heads who love sex and violence are in for a treat here with this film The Counsellor which stars Brad Pitt-stop (get it?) and Penelope Cruise (get it? Cruz-Cruise? Forget it). Anyway moving on, it also stars Cameron Diazel (what) and that nutter from the film No Country for Old Men- who in that film, liked to blow your door lock out with a pressure gun type thingy.


Just think if Brad married Penelope she’d be called Penelope Pitt-stop! Yeah? How wacky is that? O well suit yourselves. Brad Pitt plays the middleman in a drugs transaction that goes seriously wrong for the buyer of a truck load of cocaine! And the suppliers, a ruthless, merciless cartel want answers. All are shafted by an experienced con-artist and someone is going to pay for the mess up.


This film has decapitation, bodies in barrels, and a snuff movie which thankfully you didn’t see. It’s all left to the imagination, that’s why the film, I found, was psychologically disturbing throughout. This is a well made, well written well-acted film. The fear you feel knowing how ruthless the cartel is gripping! I found it difficult to have any sympathy for any of the main characters as they are all hedonistic and their raw naked ambition spills over into excessive greed. So they all get what’s coming to them. If there is a moral to this its don’t mess with drugs. EVER! As the reality is that there are people like this in the real world, male and female. The men in the movie think they know what women want and vice versa. Maybe in that world they are right that women might want to be entertained and men must supply diamonds to keep them.