Atlantic Stars From Mariners Park


On the 11th of April 2013 a crew of five went to Mariners Park to interview four of the The Battle Of The Atlantic Veteran’s. We arrived there about 09:00, with a lot of equipment, cameras, lighting, and tripod’s sound/audio so we arrived there early to set this equipment up. Our first interview was with VIP’S Phil at ten o’clock with Mr Neville Wade.

The interview went on for about an hour where the interviewer asked prepared questions about when & how he joined merchant navy during the second world war, we then took a break for half an hour where VIP’s Brett interviewed Mr Arthur Lewis asking similar question, Same again the interview went on for about an hour. We took another break for lunch, where at the same time we where moving some of the equipment to the boardroom which was located on the same grounds.

After finishing our lunch & setting up the equipment we then started the third interview with Mr John Dennett, again with VIP’s Phil doing the interview. The interviewers got some interesting stories out of the veteran’s, some good some bad. After we have finished third interview we then went onto doing the last & final interview with (Captain) Mr Ronald Pengelly who is the head of Merchant Navy association for seamen. The stories that the veterans told us from when they joined their service during the second world war, some were good & some were quite moving. If it wasn’t for these veterans, the sea’s would of been taken off by the Germans. I salute them.

Paul Fallows