Atlantic Star Veterans

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic , It is also the last,  so they say,I would like to hear your opinion about that should it be?? Remembering that Liverpool played a big part in the Battle , there is a lot happening in the city around the back end of May 23rd – 28th  There will  ships from as far-a- field as Australia to Canada plus a number from Europe putting in to Liverpool, but for me the main event  will be the  Atlantic veterans,  those who hold the Atlantic star medal who after a service in the Anglican Cathedral will form up behind the band of the Royal Marines and march past, and as they say maybe for  the last time.

I and a number of V.I.P s, members of FACT and other dignitaries  had a chance to meet and talk to 14 of them at the Town hall about there experiences, this was one of the most interesting meeting I have had with a group of veterans.

Atlantic star medal holders

The Atlantic star Veterans

I will write some more about our meeting and the Veterans , I would still like to know if you think this should be their last parade?


Tom Hornby

2 thoughts on “Atlantic Star Veterans”

  1. Jessica says:

    They’re all getting on quite a bit as shown from it being the ’70th’ anniversary, but I think there’s more to come. What did you do at the actual event? Was it interesting talking to them all?

  2. emilyfact says:

    It was a great day wasn’t it! I met so many lovely people who were so generous with their memories – really looking forward to working on this project over the next few weeks!

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