Animations workshops at FACT

FACT have been running a series of animation workshops over the past few weeks, VIP’s Brett Squires give us a sneak peek at what’s been going on:


FACT’s programme of creative digital training for veterans is now up and running, we’re running 2 new training groups and at the moment the groups are working with animation artist Babis Alexiadis.
The first week the veterans got to know each other with a brew and a bit of barrack room banter and got introduced to Babis, Emily and me with whom they would be working with on the project. Introductions over it was time to start watching and discussing animations from the very first animation, Gertie the Dinosaur by Winsor McCay in 1914, to the very latest The Bear and the Hare advert for John Lewis’s Christmas campaign.

After another brew the veterans were learning about storyboarding then had to do a short story themselves, the subject being two people meet something happened and one person walked away. Nearly all the veterans’ stories were the same and went a little like this: Man walks down the road another man bumps into him, first man smacks him then walks off the end.

Next was doing a bit of a story about the transition into Civvy Street by looking through the paper and cutting things out that could relate to their personal journeys from soldier to Civvy. It was quite interesting to see that most of their journeys were similar.

The veterans have now done their first bit of animation by setting up the cameras and writing their names bit by bit whilst taking a photo each time they put a mark on the paper. Don’t know what Babis has got in mind for us this week but no doubt the lads will have a laugh while putting together a very important piece of digital art work about their very own transition. I will keep every body informed on the veterans progress.

If you are Veteran and would like to get involved call: Emily 0151 707 4421 or Brett 0151 707 4426 or email

These FREE workshops take place at FACT, Tuesday evenings 6:00 – 8:30pm and Tuesday daytimes 11:30 – 2:30pm

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