Alternative Sceptics

VIP have been exploring the art of documentary film over the past few weeks in preparation for producing our own documentary. Filmmaker Jacqueline Passmore has been guiding us through the ins and outs of film production and this week we worked on character portraits.

What’s your opinion of alternative therapy? Have you ever experienced reiki, reflexology or tai chi? Are these practices valid and important forms of therapy, placebo-effect belief systems or a load of rubbish?

Our documentary will investigate the world of alternative therapy; we’ll be exploring the mystery of shiatsu (it’s not a dog), finding out just how having needles inserted into your ears can produce inner calm, testing out our flexibility with a bit of yoga and asking whether in fact these therapies might be useful for veteran health and well-being.

With ‘Battlefield Acupuncture’ being adopted by the American military to treat injuries in Afghanistan and Iraq (see video below) and tailored yoga sessions being offered by organisations to help deal with PTSD, views are very much split on the effectiveness of such therapies and their place within the wellbeing of veterans.

We’re a group of openminded sceptics hoping to demystify this, often baffling, range of treatments by researching, road testing and analysing their effects as well as exploring exactly what is available and how to access.

We’ll be blogging our journey here, we hope you’ll join us!