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Black Cross"JB why don't you text" and an other from the Black Cross Series.War, What is it good for?History repeating itself.One of JB's St Helens Open Art Exhibition 2013 entries..Who Watches The Watchers?Northern Soul LowtonNow with a possible working title and a few other suggestions for the latest VIP Project, things are slowly coming together. Photographs and video have been taken, a rough edit has been done and the results look surprisingly promising.

Having contributed on the photography side, with five being a theme I thought I’d look at anything I’d made in the past that I could put into the final exhibition at FACT, if allowed?

Do I go for doom and gloom pictures, that therefore have some however tenuous connection to the War Memorials of Liverpool? Do I try to be more off the wall with a picture of a beautiful girl walking along the Embankment across the Thames from MI6, what’s a crowd scene at a Northern Soul night got to do with any of this, who knows?

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