Do I look like a veteran to you?

As part of an ongoing digital arts project, our veterans group have been viewing and reflecting upon the current imagery of military veterans being used in popular media. Working with photography and green screen technology as part of the Follow exhibition, VIP have created their own set of veteran images, asking the question: do I look like a veteran to you?

Links to blogs from some participants can be found at the bottom of the page.


VIP Greenscreen – Rick from FACT on Vimeo.


VIP Greenscreen – Victor from FACT on Vimeo.


VIP Greenscreen – JB from FACT on Vimeo.


VIP Greenscreen – Norman from FACT on Vimeo.


VIP Greenscreen – Jay from FACT on Vimeo.


VIP Greenscreen – Billy from FACT on Vimeo.

A day at the cavalry final


A day at the races 2 final 2

Alan still final

Victor take 2

Norman Veteran definition still 1