The Barometer of My Heart



Members of ViP took part in a series of workshops over a period of a few months, as part of a collaborative work by Artist Mark Storor. Unorthodox from the off, this work explored the trappings of modern masculinity in our society and began to unpick some of the more harmful stereotypes and commonly held ideals of our modern, media motivated masculinity. As well as us, Storor worked with various groups of men including bankers, sportsmen and men attending erectile dysfunction clinics. As the discussions unfolded among the various groups, it became apparent that there were common issues; issues caused by an inflated and distorted view on masculinity, issues that are far reaching and unnecessarily devastating. The root of many of the more extreme cases of trauma caused by a hyper-masculine attitudes can often be seen in more innocuous displays of apathy and ignorance, where we wonder is the point at which the balance of masculine and feminine works best? Is this different for everyone? How do we live together with differing views on this point?

Involving self portraiture, exhibition development, live performance and some superb, powerful digital imagery the final performance of this exhibition also included a special extra performance from one of ViP’s members down in London.

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