Tagging Communities

Tagging Communities is a heritage app, with a key focus on unearthing the rich and often overlooked histories, culture and personal stories of six Liverpool neighbourhoods over the past 150 years. ViP worked alongside members of Blind Veterans UK, school children and FACT’s Over 60s programme to unearth each area’s unique charm.

tagging communities

ViP focused on the areas of Everton and Anfield and, working with local historians, created cycle and pedestrian trails- with soundscapes created by ViP (working with artist Paul McCann), each is activated through GPS notifications on the app.

Launched at a public event and exhibition in November 2015, the Tagging Communities app is accompanied by a dedicated blog (www.taggingcommunities.com). Since it’s launch, ViP have promoted and demonstrated the app through a series of community events; including advising national homeless charity, Crisis, on local heritage and working with service users to produce their own alternative tour of the city.

You can listen to ViP’s content and read some blogs by participants by following the links below:


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When tagging communities met CRISIS- by Alan




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Stafford talks about his experience on the project


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