Star Gazing Animations

Pupils at Holy Cross Primary School met with two Atlantic Star Veterans to hear their stories and experiences from the Battle of the Atlantic. They then created stories and animations inspired by what they heard. They even found time to write some lovely letters to Jack and John, our Atlantic Star Veterans, who so kindly shared their stories with us. This letter from year 5 student Jack really captures the spirit of the project:
Dear Jack
You are a true war hero from centuries ago. I am a storywriter and I will be sure to write a brilliant story about you and your thrilling adventures at sea. My best story was the ‘Big Ear Story’. Thats why I made it our animation. you will be remembered for gazillions of years until time itself decides to die. You inspired me more than anyone has before.
From Jack (Little Jack)
PS; your story was amazing
The children’s animations are on display at the Merseyside Maritime Museum as part of the national commemorative events of the Battle of the Atlantic from 14 May – 16 June.

Below you can watch the two finished animations, Big Ears Day and Lucky, as well as ‘The Making of…’ behind-the-scenes video.

Big Ears Day




The Making of Battle of the Atlantic Animations