Star Gazing Programme (The Battle of the Atlantic project)

‘The Battle of the Atlantic was the dominating factor all through the war. Never for one moment could we forget that everything happening elsewhere, on land, at sea or in the air depended ultimately on its outcome.’

Winston Churchill

2013 marks the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic which, running from 1939 to 1945, was the longest campaign of the Second World War, involving thousands of ships in more than 100 convoy battles. The battle of the Atlantic demonstrated the importance of the sea as a highway for transport of raw materials, ammunitions and men to maintain the nation’s security. The successful protection of the Atlantic corridor ultimately led to the fall of Nazi Germany and the end of the war.

In 2013 Liverpool is hosting the official 70th anniversary events and the final national commemoration of the Battle of the Atlantic. The events will take place around the city from the 24th – 28th May. As part of these commemorative events FACT has been commissioned by Liverpool City Council to produce a series of creative projects.


For the Star Gazing programme VIP have worked with 36 Atlantic Star holders, seamen from both Royal and Merchant Navy, to document their stories and experiences of life at sea during the Battle of the Atlantic.

Atlantic Stars is a short documentary, produced by members of VIP with Carl Davies, which follows the journey of VIP in discovering the experiences of local Atlantic Star veterans – from their greatest fears at sea to their celebrations at the end of the war.

Atlantic Stars was screened at Merseyside Maritime Museum 2nd Floor Gallery from 14th May until 16th June

Star Men is an exhibition of portrait photographs of local Atlantic Star holders, taken by members of VIP with Stephen King.

Star Men was exhibited at FACT, 88 Wood Street, from 24th May until 6th June

Star Gazing Animations Made by Pupils at Holy Cross Primary School who met with two Atlantic Star Veterans then create stories and animations inspired by what they heard

Star Stories is a collection of interviews from local Atlantic Star Veterans recorded by members of ViP

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