Transferable Skills

Who would a thought the soldiers’ ability to stay still for on the drill square, in the field or on the rifle ranges would have any practical use?  As a soldier I trained in drill, became an expert shot, weapons instructor and an Army Snapshooting Champion Team Leader.  My training as a Sniper required not just excellent marksmanship and observational skills but also the ability to stay still for very long periods.

This transferable skill I put to use when I heard about modelling through the St Helens Arts Network.  Most Thursday morning a group of retired people meet at the Citadel in St Helens for a Portrait group session.  How long can you stay still for, could you do it for two hours with just a short break for a coffee half way?

Modelling requires stillness but also putting vanity away as it is very difficult to smile for an hour at a time.  I am always fascinated and very impressed by the results, they seem to capture an inner me, sometimes sad, sometimes boyish, always interesting.  They even pay a small amount for my time and somewhere out there are images of me, now that is vanity.

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