Eyes Wide Shut

I made this animation with Babis Alexiadis. It’s based on a poem I wrote.


My eyes wide open, sitting in this place

Looking at nothing, staring into space

I gently close my eyes, knowing what’s to come

The flash the bang the sound of a gun.


The things that flash by are from when I was a forces member

Hard to forget but easy to remember.

I open my eyes it’s gone in a blink

No wonder sometimes I turn to drink.


It’s hard to make a grown man cry

But not when you see a good friend die

It’s hard to dream of family and friends

I don’t know when these nightmares will end.


My eyes have been shut for such a long time

 I hope not to need the booze, bandy or wine

I want them to be open and let them be mine

To turn off the dark and turn on the sunshine.

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