Veteran Creative Profile

Jay Wheeler

Jay Wheeler

Jay, ex soldier. Sufferer of PTSD, depression and personality disorder has certainly struggled in recent years. After proudly serving queen and country to protect us for 12 years the mental strain of this and his personal life started to show. He felt his life was not worth living.
In 2012 Jay tried to take his own life several times, almost succeeding more than once.

He spent several months in hospital for some extra support. During this time, although never so much as picking up a brush before, Jay decided to try painting as a therapy.

He decided that he would base his work on something he felt was personal to him. That thing was LOVE. The good side and the dark side of it.

As love is something that everyone can relate to Jays work soon started to be noticed. Particularly the LOVE stencils he sprayed around the city centre and surrounding areas.

Jays passion for painting grew and grew and it helped to keep him focused and motivated. Plus he wanted to spread the word of love to other people. Using one lone word to get people thinking about what it meant to them.

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